Nutrient expert model in maize of Garamani VDC of Jhapa

Nutrient expert is a new innovative concept to increase the yield per unit area of land. It shows the exact amount of nutrient status of micro and macro nutrient needed to the particular piece of land. The model was researched in the hybrid maize in the garamani vdc of Jhapa district.

The research was carried out in the month of April. The plantation of the maize is completed in last week. This all was included as a famer field school. Class was also taken in the morning of plantation. Three plots, one for nutrient model, next for government recommendation and third plot was planted with the farmer practice. Each plot was 25m2 area. There are total 3 treatments and 8 replications. Number of replications equals number of farmer. The sowing was line sowing with the spacing of 60 cm*20cm. The fertilizer was also applied in the line sowing 5cm away and 5cm deep with urea, MOP,DAP as basal dose. The urea will be top dressed in 45 days after sowing.



Edumala mentorship program YPARD- Young Professionals for Agricultural development is an international movement by young and energetic professionals who are willing to contribute and uplift the agricultural field. YPARD – Nepal is the part of the movement. Recently, YPARD-Nepal had conducted the five week long first Edumala mentorship program on 3rd January, 2016 which ended on 13th February, 2016. The program included five mentors: Dinesh Pandey, Abhishek Khadka, Ishwora Dhungana, Lok Raj Joshi and Santosh Adhikari. The mentees participated were basically from the technical background of agriculture, agriengineering, food tech, agriculture students, officer, economics and many more. The mentees were selected from the YPARD-Nepal member through open membership program. And luckily, I also got selected as a member. The time duration of the program was approximately 30 minutes. The mentees had to be available during the allotted time and if anyone who couldn’t be available at that particular time could go through the files mailed or provided. A separate web page was available by our mentors and each one of us had our own individual profile on it. Every day, a new topic was introduced, discussed and learned. We could easily share our ideas and knowledge. I found the program very effective because it covered the entire basic topic we needed from proposal writing to the policies of our country. All the mentees were seen eagerly participating, sharing the ideas and regularly following the program. Overall, the program was quite effective. Though, some suggestions might help to make the further sessions much better. I think the upcoming sessions should include the current global issues like: climate change, sustainable agriculture and with respect to Nepal current scenarios. I think students’ involvement should be more encouraged and their active participation is must. The previous sessions did not quietly focused on the active involvement of each and every participant so the further sessions should make the participants well know each other and there must be active discussions among them. I really look forward to have the conference call among the mentors and mentees in the further model once a week. I think the next edumala model should also include fresh students, participants. This will help more people to engage in the developmental field and this will help to widen our YPARD family. I also think these sorts of programs are quite effective to agri-entreprenuer. They will feel connected to the students, farming community and society which will be beneficial to them. At last, I am very happy to be a part of the program. The program is an initiative step to encourage students like us to learn something new and to improvise the matter we are aware of. YPARD is a way for the people like us to show a path to develop and encourage contributing in the agriculture field. In short, I hope such programs to continue in the near future. And special thanks to the entire respected mentor who conducted the program.

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